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KSG Series Gravel Sand Pump

Pump type: Horizontal
Head: 3-72m
Capacity: 36-3600m3/h
Application:Delivering slurries in Mining, Explosive sludge in metal melting, Dredging in dredger and course of rivers, and other fields.
Material: Cr27,Cr28,Cr30,rubber liner material

KSP Series Slurry Pump

Pump type: Vertical
Head: 4-45m
Capacity: 10-1500m3/h
Media: Abrasive slurry with large particle
Material: Cr27,Cr28,Cr30,rubber liner material

KSAH Series Slurry Pump

Pump type: Horizontal
Head: 5-120m
Capacity: 5-5000m3/h
Media: Abrasive slurry with large particle
Material: Cr27,Cr28,Cr30,rubber liner material

Slurry Pump Spare Parts

Kunshui Pump offer spare parts interchangable with warman? pump,Impeller, Volute Liner, Thoratbush, FPL, Expeller, Expeller Ring. High Chrome Alloy and Natural Rubber materials are available.


Kunming Kunshui Industrial Pump Co., Ltd("Kunshui pump" for short) is a professional manufacturer of  pump specialized in manufacturing slurry pumps with more than10 years experience in China. 


Kunshui slurry pump manufactures high quality heavy-duty horizontal slurry pumps, vertical slurry pumps, replacement pump parts, and provides pump services to a wide array of markets worldwide. We serve global industries that supply valuable raw materials to the marketplace…

Country,region: Mogolia
Product model: 6/4D-KSAH slurry pump
Flow rate: 300m3/h Head=40.5m Efficiency=66%
Rotating speed:1400rpm/min

Mogolia Coal Washery Plant

Country,region: Chambishi,Zambia
Product model: 8/6D-KSAH slurry pump
Flow rate:
600m3/h Single Stage, Head=90m Efficiency=65%
Rotating speed: 1000rpm/min

Chambishi Copper Mine

Country,region:Myanmar Lead - zinc ore
Product model: 8/6D KSAH slurry pump
Flow rate:450m3/h Head=34m Efficiency=70%
Rotating speed:880rpm/min

Myanmar Lead- Zinc Ore

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